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On March 15, 2010 Worthing borough council's planning committee dismissed the application to build within part of the Titnore Woods complex and on the productive farmland west of Durrington near Worthing, This decision saved a countryside scene similar to the one on the left.

 For many, the committee's unanimous decision came as a complete surprise following their approval of the Tesco application on part of the farmland last year and their approval of all the previous stages. If our inbox is anything to go by, local residents were grateful to the committee for at last agreeing this development was wrong.

Unfortunately the euphoria didn't last long, when, at a meeting of the full council on March 29 a unanimous decision was taken to still include in the towns Core Strategy, the same Greenfield land for development.

We are sorry to report that the Tory led council gave the go-ahead 20 October 2011 for the Greenfield's to be developed. However we understand that a Green Party candidate is hoping to unseat the Tory councillor for Northbrook (the Ward closest to Titnore) in the May 2012 local election.

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