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6 May 2012

Some good news folks. 

The Tory councillor who allegedly bunked off on holiday instead of being at work as a member of the planning committee deciding the Titnore development, has lost her seat – some might say it should have been her right to citizenship as well!

For those of you not on Facebook Northbrook Green has posted this: 

‘Despite voter opposition to the Conservative candidate being fragmented by the number of party’s standing and a dismal turnout of only 20.9%, Mary Harding is no longer the councillor for Northbrook having lost by 4 votes. Her majority in 2008 was 18. This shows voters do not take kindly to councillors (or MP’s for that matter) who treat the electorate with contempt.

Keith Sunderland, the councillor elected to serve Northbrook, will be aware that the Northbrook community are still angry over the way their concerns regarding the West Durrington development were dismissed by Worthing council. Clearly they will be closely watching his efforts to mitigate the damage developers will surely do to our area.’

The group Northbrook Green can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003737659757 and here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Northbrook-Green/122424414557752

28 April 2012

What a nerve! That councillor for Northbrook knowing full well that the residents would expect her to vote against the Green Belt Titnore development at the council meeting convened to decided it, bottled out and allegedly went on holiday.

At the May 3 local elections Mary Harding is seeking re-election, anyone voting Tory?

More on Facebook at Northbrook Green and


20 April 2012

The fight is on! Clearly a war has broken out between residents of Northbrook, angry that the Titnore development was approved by the Tory's, and the Tory who is seeking reelection in the Ward if this Facebook page is anything to go by: 


5 April 2012

In response to the decision to allow the Titnore Greenfield’s to be developed this years local elections on May 3 won’t be quite so boring.

Watch this space! 

23 October 2011

Following the decision by Worthing's planning committee to approve the nearly 1000 houses on farmland (the greenbelt) between Durrington and Titnore woods we are going back into action. Will all those of you who have been in contact with offers of help and tat e-mail

18 October 2011

The fight to save the farmland east of the Titnore woods will take place in Worthing Town Hall from 6pm, this Thursday October 20 when the town’s planners meet to decide if 700+ houses can be built on the last green space in Durrington.


Because nearly 200 of you came to the meeting in March 2010 the previous application involving Titnore woods was thrown out, we now need your support again to defeat this latest plan. The meeting is open to the public and you have a democratic right to be there so please attend and bring with you as many friends etc as you can. The agenda for the meeting can be found here: http://www.worthing.gov.uk/your-council/decision-makingcabinetcommitteeinformation/planning-committees/worthing-development-control-sub-committee/20october2011/


Don’t let the greedy developers win! Sadly the Tory led council didn't listen to the residents and agreed to the developers nasty plan

5 September  2011

The ancient Titnore woods complex and lane was saved from the developers March 2010 because you said No! However those same developers have returned with a new plan that will see the farmland from the edge of the woods eastwards to the existing urban sprawl being developed. 

Fortunately a new group is campaigning against this urban sprawl extension and loss of valuable farmland but they need some help. Will you please click on this link http://www.worthingherald.co.uk/community/vote_flooding_fears_for_titnore_housing_plan_1_3013544 read about the public meeting they had and vote No to the development?

Also as Worthing council will shortly determine the development application it will be important for as many people as possible to attend that meeting – date and venue details will be posted on the various websites when known.

For more about this important campaign see: www.dontoverdevelopdurrington.blogspot.com.

30 May 2011

Following the developers decision to submit a revised application, local residents’ have set up a campaign to fight any development on the greenbelt between Durrington and Titnore woods. If you live in Durrington or nearby I’m sure the campaign would like to hear from you. All the information is on their blog: www.dontoverdevelopdurrington.blogspot.com

12 April 2011

Worthing borough council have received a revised application for 700 houses and utility buildings on the greenbelt land east of Titnore woods. The plans can be found here. This is the first phase of what is likely to be 2000 houses locally and we would be pleased to receive your comments e-mail

29 March 2011

On Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10 help is needed to take down remains of Camp Titnore, Titnore Woods, West Durrington. Climbers are particularly welcome!  On the Saturday night there will be an evening of acoustic music in the woods - now saved from the axe - a fitting time for friends old and new to celebrate the councils decision last March.

06 March 2011

As you will remember last March Worthing borough council rejected the plan by the West Durrington Consortium to build within Titnore woods. Although the consortium have recently announced their intention to submit a revised application, they say no building is to take place within the woods. However we are reserving judgment on that revised application until we see the detailed plans.
On a lighter note our friends the Worthing Downlanders (WD) are holding an event to celebrate our good fortune living in such a beautiful part of England and it seemed to us to be an ideal opportunity for you to get to know the people who have battled so hard to protect our cherished landscape. As you will see click or click (for hi res poster) admission is very reasonable and if you become a member of the WD on the night membership and admission is only £10.
Hope to see you on the 20th and bring as many friends as you wish.

19 November 2010

Although there's no news yet about a revised application for the Titnore land we thought you should know about this.

A large block of Ancient woodland called Markwells Wood west of Chichester and within the South Downs National Park is for the chop if oil drillers get their way. Although this threat has been known for several years, felling could now start immediately. 

06 July 2010

As its been reported that the developers are not to appeal against Worthing councils decision to refuse permission, and that any revised application will not include building within the woodland or require access from Titnore lane, it has been decided to scale down the treetop camp. However there will be a 24/7 presence 365 days of the year there until the developers new plan have been submitted.

01 April 2010

All of the proposed changes to the Core Strategy were passed by the full council March 29. Basically what that means is any developer can still submit an application to build on the 'Titnore' land. However the change means it's for 700 houses etc and not as before.

See for full details.

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