Updated, 17 March 2010

Meet The Supporters


Started in 2002 by a group of local residents horrified by plans to build a whacking great housing and utility building development on a Greenfield site, the campaign has attracted many well known supporters eager to offer financial and other support.

We are pleased to announce that LUSH cosmetics

have made a handsome donation, plus the offer of promoting our campaign on their products such as the Charity Pot. The Lush Charity Pot is Lush's unique new product where 100% of the money raised by it goes to good causes.  Obviously the more sales there are, the more money is raised for campaigns like ours. See

LUSH is headed by Mark Constantine, a passionate cyclist who says he hates cars. He is quoted as being very concerned by the money wasted by the big charities and prefers to donate to small grassroots groups that achieve incredible results on a shoestring.

THEN there are all those of you out there from far and near who have given so generously to our campaign, either financially, or by writing knowledgeable and passionate letters to the papers etc, or all the other campaigning tasks that needed to be done. There are so many of you it would be impossible to thank each individually, therefore will you please accept this message as an expression of our sincere gratitude. Without you we would have had to give up our fight to save this precious woodland and green lung long ago.

However together with LUSH and yourselves there are other supporters we would like to thank publicly.

The first is Dame Anita Roddick. Dame Anita founded the Body shop, however she is equally well known for her support of those who have suffered terrible Human Rights abuses, ill treatment just to think of, makes one shiver. No doubt many of you will have seen in the past green Body shop delivery lorry's decked out with giant posters asking everyone to campaign for the many caught up in conflicts in so many places around our troubled Planet.

Dame Anita - who very sadly died in 2007 - was of course also well known for her campaigning work on the environment. The Body Shop was one of the first to run it's fleet of lorry's on Bio Diesel, a fuel made from crops that contains less of the cancer causing emissions than Diesel. Also her work to save the Rain Forest has been reported on for decades.

The Body Shop may have had a new owner but Dame Anita still campaigned as powerfully as ever right up to her untimely death.

(see http://www.anitaroddick.com) and we were most grateful to her for supporting our cause.

Another is the Open Spaces Society  Britain's oldest conservation society. They have issued press releases (see ) and done radio interviews strongly backing our campaign. This highly respected society has also been instrumental recently in reversing a decision by Worthing Borough Council to sell off National Park Downland close to the Iron Age fort at Cissbury Ring (see)

Then there is comedian, author and campaigner Rob Newman. He has been giving proceeds of sales of his 'From
Caliban to the Taliban' DVD to the Titnore tree camp and just before Christmas 2006 we received a most welcome large donation.

Others who have given very important help and guidance to make this campaign a success are, in no particular order: The West Sussex Wildlife Trust. Kate Ashbrook and the Open Spaces Society. Campaign for Better Transport. The International Tree Foundation. Friends of the Earth. Caroline Lucas M.E.P. The Woodland Trust. Keith Buchan MTRU. The Worthing Society. Barrister Hugo Charlton. The Kingston and East Preston Preservation Society. Infinity Foods Brighton.