Updated 4 November 2010.

Camp Titnore

Into it's 5th year and going from strength to strength thanks to your help.

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Titnore Emergency Action (TEA) set up a camp in Ancient woodland off Titnore lane early on Sunday, 28 May 2006 in an audacious dawn operation to save the trees from being felled by developers and despite a High Court order to quit campaigners are still there. However your help is urgently needed to maintain this camp, please visit it today to say hello and support those who have suffered great hardship  in their determination to save this important piece of English countryside for future generations to enjoy. Please remember to wear old clothes and waterproof boots if wet and if you get lost tel: 07913 534083.



1. By train. 

Get to Goring-by Sea, Sussex. (Remember it's Goring-by -Sea, not just Goring) When at the station go north (over the footbridge / railway gates if from Brighton etc) and walk 5 minutes north to the roundabout. Straight over the roundabout is Titnore lane.
Carry on up Titnore lane past the houses etc and Titnore way. The lane now goes through overhanging trees and dips down. Carry on until you see a track with a sign saying 'Somerset lake' on your right. If you look carefully you might see the camp etc if not carry on up the lane to the next opening and steel gate on your right  (just before a bungalow) look into the wood on your left and I'm sure you'll now see the camp. If you get lost phone 07913 534083.

By Car.

DON'T park in Titnore lane, and as cars etc have been damaged when parked in Titnore way and at the top of Fulbeck Ave, Park at the top of Tasman Way. See *** below.

By Bus, live locally or worried by the traffic along Titnore lane there is a route in from Durrington.

By train get off at Durrington station, (if coming from up country remember to ask for Durrington near Worthing as there are other Durrington's) walk north about 150mtrs to the Strand Parade shops and catch the 'Pulse' bus that stops every 10 mins or so (but hourly? Sunday's) around the corner at either end of the shops . Take that bus to the Tesco Extra store New Rd West Durrington.  Note. There are several Bus stops at either end, check the time table to make sure you're catching the correct Bus.

When you get off the Bus at Tesco see the small roundabout ahead and walk straight over it and you're in Tasman Way  ***(see 'B' in the link below).

Walk to the very end and turn left into the field. There's a crossing of path's in 50mtrs, walk straight over and into the next field. Ahead there's a hedgerow + some trees, head for them and into the last field via a gap in the hedge (note the track across the field in the link below). Once in  you should see tree houses or other structures in the distance.

This link should give you some idea of the routes. A= the entrance from Titnore Lane (A2700) B= across the fields route from Tasman Way C= Fulbeck Ave.


Remember to wear old clothes and waterproof boots / wellies if wet. 

Please note. If you get lost DON'T knock up local residents for directions late at night. Their support is important to us. Instead phone 07913 534083.

Viewed from the air