Wish List

URGENT 20 January 2007. (we can collect if you leave details)

Sealed metal boxes, such as ammunition boxes or even filing cabinets

Heavy duty tarpaulin like lorry's use.

Wooden Pallets




Donations - for legal expenses and life's essentials - can be sent to: The Worthing Society C/O 3 Ilex Way, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, England, BN12 4UT. Please make the cheque etc payable to: The Worthing Society (Titnore Campaign). So that we can keep track of funds arriving will you please e-mail to let us know date sent.


All food is gratefully accepted. The camp has a wide range of tastes and nothing is wasted, items can be left or bought at 'Down to Earth' which is at the far eastern end of Montague St, Worthing (opposite Gratwick Road). (or we can collect if you leave details)


Urgently needed: Blankets, bowsaws, burners, carpets, cooking pans and cutlery, quilts, planks, plastic sheets, scaffold, shovels and other tools, sleeping bags, tarpaulin, torches, hurricane lamps and head torches.

Not so urgent: Axes, batteries (car and torch), bolt croppers, camping stoves and fuel, buckets, candles, fishing line, flexiflue and cutting gear, first aid, generators, hammocks, large nails, mugs and plates, paraffin, refuse sacks, rope, string, tents, thermos flasks, tin storage boxes, water butts.

Climbing Gear

Urgent: Climbing ropes, carabinas, belay plates, d-locks.

Not so urgent: Nylon crane netting, pulleys, loudhailers, parachutes, rucksacks, steel cable, binoculars (day and night).


Urgent: Boots, warm clothes and socks, waterproof clothing, wellies.


Musicians, climbers, mechanics, carpenters, healers, bakers, solicitors, sponsors, poets, friendly shop keepers, trader exchange, nature-lovers and everyone else too!


Bikes, motorbikes, mopeds and tools to keep them going.


We need a room, shed or any suitable building (sorry rent free at present) in the Durrington area as the campaign HQ. Also the usual office stuff like blutac, box files, pens, pencils, video cameras, dictaphones, use of a photocopier and computers and just about anything else you can use in the office,

If you can help with any of the above please click here and send your e-mail address.

Many thanks