Updated. March 27, 2010

Due to engineering work the station maybe off the air at various times, but keep trying.

Titnore FM 101.6


the worlds first solar powered community radio station transmitting from a studio high up in an oak tree in Titnore woods, is now on air from about 5pm to late each evening - solar charged batteries and storm force winds etc permitting.

Set up by environmentalists as a way of letting local residents know what will be the fait of the Greenbelt land west of built up Durrington over to, and including the ancient woods alongside Titnore lane. The station is also available as a local community resource.

At present the stations output will be mainly music, both recorded and live, interspersed with news of how you can save this precious piece of English countryside from 1250 houses and utility buildings. Even though power output is limited, the station is likely to be heard some way from Worthing and reception reports will be very welcome via either the Facebook group 'Save Titnore Woods: The battle is on! or (click) or below.

 You can call or Text Wonderful Titnore FM 101.6 on 07898 70 53 67 for a request or shout out.