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Saturday, 17 February 2007

The camp had some interesting visitors today. The first was from some uninvited police officers who wondered if any of the campers had witnessed a stabbing in the near-by Tesco store - mind you we think the visit was a reaction to the march on Worthing police station by some of our supporters today.. more later.

But the most interesting visitor we have had for a long time was from an internationally renown eco film maker. This lady has just returned to the UK to recover from the battle scars of covering the disgraceful rape of our planet by low life governments and mafia like multinationals. The events she spoke of made our dealings with council officials and developers here in Worthing pail into insignificance. Mind you Hitler was once a nobody who was not dealt with until to late!

Back to the march. The camp would like to thank the organisers of the march and all those who joined it for their support, without the support of the residents of Worthing and beyond we couldn't continue. In particular we thank those who following the march setup the stall and again risked arrest to receive the good wishes and gifts from the towns folk. There now follows a report on the march:

CAMPAIGNERS marched on Worthing Police Station in West Sussex today
(Saturday February 17) to protest at intimidation of volunteers manning
support stalls for the Titnore Woods camp.
Just over 60 people set off from Montague Place and marched around the
town centre via South Street, the pier, Steyne Gardens, Warwick Street
and Chapel Road, before rallying outside the police station in
Chatsworth Road.
A letter to the police complaining about the threats to arrest people
collecting money for the campaign was read out and then handed in at the
front office counter.
Some protesters then returned to Montague Place and collected cash from
the public for camp funds, in defiance of the police prohibition. A good
sum was collected.
Said a spokesman for the campaigners: "The day passed off peacefully and
with many expressions of support from the Worthing public. We are making
a point that we have a democratic right to hold activities supporting
Camp Titnore and we will not bow down to these scare tactics, which seem
to be political in origin.
"Whether the authorities like it or not, we are not going away and, both
at the camp and in the town, we will continue to battle to save Titnore
"Our thanks go to each and every individual who turned up today to join
the protest - it is your strength and determination that makes this
struggle so powerful."

 Friday, 9 February 2007.

We're amazed to learn that our campaign has been nominated in the Conservation Project of the Year category for an Observer Newspaper Ethical Award. Although at this stage our nomination has not been longlisted or shortlisted it has been received and will be reviewed by the judges.

As we are now in the process of preparing material to support this nomination we urgent need any of the following relating to the campaign:

Photos; Copies of press clippings; Films and Radio and TV Interviews.

In the first instance please contact us by e-mail to let us know what you can supply, giving a phone number so we can discuss.

Many thanks for your continued support, especially to those who nominated us.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Today the camp is 8 months old and rumors of an imminent eviction have seen more activity at the camp today with the arrival of a reporter from Indymedia radio, a group of supporters from London and our favorite eco photographer from Bournmouth.

Thankfully the last few days of dry weather has allowed the ground to dry out with mud not so much of a problem, this has allowed more work to be done on the new communal area which now boosts double glassing.

Mystery still surrounds why it's taking the developers so long to draw up plans for the revised entrance to the planned development from Titnore Lane. It will be remembered the change was forced on the developers last autumn by a determined Worthing Society, who threatened a Judicial Review on the whole scheme, if Worthing Borough Council rubber stamped the destruction of the most sensitive part of the woodland with a new section of the Lane. We wait in anticipation.

Finally. To add to the long list of threatened species in these woods, Stoats have been seen.

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Despite all that the storm could throw at it, the camp is still there and the protectors are all well and doing minor repairs to treehouses etc.

Following the week long stay last Autumn by a film crew from University College for the Creative Arts, we are pleased to say the film the crew made has been well received at public showings. The next showing will hopefully take place 8pm, Thursday, 25 January upstairs at the Rest Bar, Bath Place Worthing.

Continuing on the media theme, a well traveled eco-photographer is on site putting together a portfolio that is likely to be shown at a major gallery. The young woman in question has photographed campaigns and those involved in them in northern Alaska and other remote parts of the World.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Anyone fancy a mud bath? well if you do why not swim across the fields to the camp - and the developers think they can build houses on that swamp!!.

Aside from that, all's well at the camp and old friends have just returned from visits to friends etc over the holiday. The recent storms, although been a pain, have not caused to much grief and the treehouses have stood up well to the battering. A new communal area is nearing completion and will hopefully take the pressure off the original one.

Sadly we have to report again that the local plod have arrived unannounced and marched through our home videoing what they thought was important - what the eye can't see!  Finally on a more happy note one of the campers has been recording from September sightings and hearings of bird types and their number, together with a list of trees. (click)